Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ticket to Disney World

I have been on the down low lately, not allot of baking or allot of new crafting.  My oldest son Daniel made his first holy communion and we had a big party, tent and all in the yard.  The preparing consumed allot of my time.

Now I am getting back in the swing of things, so when a friend asked me to put some of my craftiness to work I jumped in with both feet.  She had planned a trip to Disney World and wanted her kids to get a "ticket" from the bank teller when they cashed in their change jar for Disney World.  I thought what a cute idea, but I hadn't made one before and wanted to make sure it looked special.  I wanted it flashy enough that the kids would be excited to get it, but not overdone to where it had allot of embellishments.

I had thought about making an individual ticket for each member of their family, but she wanted to include the dates of travel and the cost: One Jar of Coins.  I had to make it big enough so that the information included was actually readable.

I used a circle border punch, and trimmed it down to give it the look of a tear off ticket.  I downloaded a free Disney font off the Internet, there were plenty out there.  Then I used my Cricut and Cuttlebug to make some die cuts.

I was real pleased with how it turned out... what do you think?