Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where did October go?

I have to say I don't know what happened to October?  With the blink of an eye it was over.  It did however go out with a banging snow storm.  Atleast during the storm I was able to get some things done I wanted to accomplish before Halloween.

I had bought a bunch of pumpkins that I wanted to carve.  Here in Warwick you can't carve a pumpkin too far before Halloween, the second you cut into that thing the deer verge on your house and eat up the pumpkins.  This year I had them eat pumpkins that weren't even carved, that was a first.

I also made some pencil packs for my boys to share with their friends at school.  I didn't want to send in candy since I knew there would be plenty after trick or treating.  I was pleased with how they came out.