Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cake Bites

This recipe came from Bakerella. It seems that these cake bites are all the rage, so much so that a book is being published solely on the topic of cake pops (aka cake bites on a stick). I didn't want to make them just for the sake of making them, I wanted there to be a special occasion. With our mom's group we have a meal support for mom's who have just had babies. My good friend Donna just had a beautiful baby girl and what better occasion than that.

The "recipe" begins with a boxed cake mix prepared as directed. You bake and cool. Then crumble. Basically you are making a cake and trashing it to rubble, kind of fun.

Next you take a can of cream cheese frosting and work it into the cake crumbs. Chill briefly to to firm up the cake mix, you want it workable. Roll them into balls and put on a baking sheet covered in waxed paper. Place into freeze for a few hours, you will want them firm.

You are going to dip them into melted chocolate, and place them in the fridge. This was the first time I ever worked at coating something in chocolate, it took a little getting used to. Not bad for a first try.


  1. these were absolutely outrageous! gourmet, boutique bakery worthy. Everything Missy makes is delicious but these had a very special sentiment and adorable presention. :-)