Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bounty

After looking for something to do today I decided on visiting the DuBois Farm for their Harvest Festival. Never been there and it looked real nice online. We picked up our friends and were off on our short journey. DuBois Farms is just about 45 minutes, just north of Newburgh.

Once we arrived there was a long dirt driveway leading up to the parking lot, both sides of the lot was fruit trees. We hopped onto the hay wagon and took a short ride up to the main barn where it appeared alot of the days activities were going to take place. Donut eating contests, bubble blowing contests, face painting, burgers and hot dogs being grilled. Busy but not crowded. There was a small information booth set up for you to get maps and bags to pick fruit, we started off with one bag each but after the picking started we realized we were going to need more bags.

They had quite a variety of fruit. Apples, more varieties than you could imagine, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines. After we went through the corn maze the serious picking began, all the while I was wondering what was I going to make first with my pickins'. We spent a few hours there taking full advantage of the fun activities they had set up. I would recommend a trip to DuBois to anyone!

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