Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Attempt: Sewing

Well today was back to school and me and my good friend Beth figured we would make the most of our day, breakfast and shopping. As we strolled around Middletown hitting some of the stores I asked Beth if she minded going into Joanne's Fabric, and of course she said she didn't mind. I knew I wanted to get a pattern for an easy apron. I always wanted an apron, I don't know why. Maybe it will complete my Domestic Diva persona?

I wasn't in the store 15 seconds when I spotted a fabric that I LOVED! OWLS! Who doesn't love an owl? I browsed a little more but kept coming back to the OWLS!

Now for the pattern, I didn't know where to begin. Thank God I was with Beth. There are books and books of patterns, then huge cabinets in the store with all of the patterns. I choose a simple apron pattern that is allegedly EASY. We shall see, only time will tell..

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