Saturday, October 2, 2010

National Card Making Day

Yes there actually is such a thing. I saw something on Facebook from Archivers about it, so of course I googled it, and sure enough there is such a thing. So as things winded down around the house I busted out some stamps, ink and paper and got to work. I didn't go to crazy as I tend to make a mess once I get going and I didn't wan to spend allot of time cleaning up. Just two cards to say I participated in this national day, I find it a far stretch to call it a holiday.

These cards were not my favorite, I felt like the were missing something, so I may still add some ribbon and brads. I did use some ruby red stickles on the cherries and dish for some bling. I was trying to make a "fun" card, but don't feel like it was a success.

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