Saturday, March 12, 2011

Explosion Box

Well I hosted another Get Your Craft On night with some ladies from the "mom's group" aka MSB.  I have been shooting for a project every other month, and I am always on the search for the next great thing.  Once I see a craft that I want to copy, I hope it has directions, often it doesn't.  When it doesn't have directions I turn to google and youtube to find directions.  I am still in awe of all the crafty women out there who are putting directions in video, what did we do before the internet?  Had to figure things out for ourselves?

Okay, back to the project.  I had seen the explosion box on Kerry's Paper Craft's Blog, she is great with all of her directions.  She even goes so far as to provide links for where she buys her supplies.  This project she didn't have directions because her box was made out of what looks like chipboard.  So I found directions on youtube, for one strictly made out of cardstock.

I was actually surprised at the ease of this project and how cute is actually turned out.  I haven't added photos to my box yet because I made it with "girly" paper and may give it as a gift.

A big hit that night was the butterfly punch Heidi bought with her, it was from Martha Stewart Crafts.  Traci doubled the butterflies to give them a 3D effect and I loved it so much I put one on the inside of the cover.

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