Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kiss of Death

I often worry about jinxing a good thing.  For example saying at work "Wow it's quiet tonight", driving in the car and saying "Easy ride, no traffic".  These statements could be the kiss of death, five minutes later things can be going haywire at work or I could hit the Cross Bronx Expressway and crawl the rest of the way to work.

This year I worried about jinxing the flowers in the garden, I could be doing it right now by just writing about them.  But since we moved into the house there were flowers that I had planted that I didn't even know the color of, as the deer tend to shear off all the buds before I even get to see any color.  This year all of the plants, so far, have bloomed and blossomed.

These are the day lilies I had never seen the color of.

The irises get bigger and more beautiful every year.

The hosta have filled out.

I bought two of these potted tomato plants at Costco this past Friday.  I have tried the past three years to grow some vegetable only to have the deer trash my plants and smash my tomatoes.  In each of the pots is a very well established tomato plant, basil and marigolds.  

As much as I despise the deer sometimes, I really do think they are beautiful animals.  Just tonight on the way home from the movies we saw a mother and brand new fawn crossing the street.  The do hold a sweet spot in my heart.

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