Monday, February 14, 2011

Field Trip: King Arthur Flour Baker's Store

Every year we take a winter vacation to Vermont, and every year I look at the King Arthur Flour website to see how far it is from where we are staying.  You know all of these years it has never gotten closer.  So this was the year we finally bit the bullet and took the 100 plus mile ride to the The Baker's Shop.  

At first glance I felt I had landed in baker's heaven, any ingredient you could possibly imagine could be found here, cookbooks galore, baking pans!   The possibilities were endless.  I almost felt like I should have gone with a plan, being a normally compulsive planner and all.  I didn't want to buy "random" ingredients, or buy things that I can find in my local grocery store.  

I decided to go with some mixes, I had tried some last year that I bought in another specialty store in Vermont.  I got a couple of different scone mixes, cakes mixes, a bread mix and a pizza dough mix.  The one actual ingredient I purchased that day was espresso powder, I have looked at a few recipes in the past that had called for it but never had any.  Now I do.

Funny side note.  The day after we visited the store I saw job listings for King Arthur Flour on Facebook, and thought now if I only lived 250 miles closer I might have found my next career.  I can dream.


  1. Jealous!! I love ordering from KAF, but I would love even more to visit. The espresso powder really boosts the flavor of chocolate in desserts. You'll love it!

  2. So glad you were able to come visit us in Vermont! I am a compulsive baker which means frequent trips to the King Arthur Flour retail store and local grocery store to keep my pantry stocked. Never know when you're going to be in the mood to whip up some chocolate espresso brownies! - kelsey@KAF